Our fresh greens

Aymara salad

Extra thin sliced vegetables with rice noodle and sweet and sour dressing

Tandoori salad

Tandoori chicken salad with a parmesan and anchovy dressing

Amazonian salad

Veggie tartar with tomato confit, mango and avocado with kalamansi dressing

Sea urchin guacamole

Sea urchin and avocado guacamole with patacones

Appetizers and sautés

Fish moqueca

Vegetable and fish stew with lime and coconut milk

Amazónico-style egg with caviar

Soft-cooked egg with taro cream, caviar and sugar snap peas

25 veggie wok

Seasonal veggies sautéed in the wok

Whole chaufa rice with grilled mallard duck

Three types of wholegrain ricees with grilled wild duck

River prawn coconut curry

Southern Indian coconut prawn curry with basmati rice

Tom Yum Goong

Tiger prawn and turbot thai soup with vegetables

Sautéed quinoa and scampi with lulo

Black and White quinoa sautéed and scampi with lulo juice

Carabinero prawns yarikahua with purple corn

Spanish scarlet prawns marinated with lime and yuzu, with its grilled head and purple corn

From the river to the sea

Black hake with grilled aubergine

Wild grouper with beets

Wild turbot with vegetables

Garruchua scarlet prawn

Spanish steaks

Veal tenderloin

Old cow rack (2 Pax)

Huacatay style lamb


Wagyu tenderloin (2 Pax)

Wagyu sirloin (2 Pax)

Amazonian Appetizers

Mini grilled creole chorizo sausage

Our homemade chorizo sausage with fresh tomato, onion and coriander

Wild boar Haliayi style

Indian pesto marinated tenderloin, cooked in tandoor oven and white mole

Grouper aguachile

Black grouper Mexican style ceviche

Massa’s oyster

Ponzu, kalamansi or Spicy Tomato

Samosa tandoori rolls

Vegetable and chicken samosa rolls baked in the tandoor

Frog legs with mango and habanero sauce

Fried frog legs marinated in soy sauce and sake

Kaeng Kiao Mussels

Green curry mussel and lemon grass

Patacones with cochinita pibil

Fried banana pasties with cochinita pibil

Red tuna poke with cashews and wild rice

Hawaiian-style tartar with ginger-soy, sesame seeds, pineapple and lime

Hamachi Usuzukuri with cherries and shiso

Yellowtail tiradito with shiso dressing

On the espeto

Wild sea bass

Wild sea bream

Wild sole


Black Angus T-bone (2 Pax)

Argentinean Ojo de bife

Marinated skirt steak

Brazilian meat

Wild chicken caipira style


Japanese meat

Kobe sirloin (100gr)

If you want to taste our Amazonian cuisine, we recommend our sampling menu.
We have our allergens menu available.

Amazónico Vegetables

Ura’Maki Amazónico

with mango, avocado, grue and coconut alioli

Niguiri avocado (2 pieces)

With acid plum and oyster leaf

Amazónica salad

Tangerine of confit tomato, mango and avocado seasoned with kalamansi sauce

Aimara’s thai salad

Very thin cut vegetables with rice noodles and sweet and sour dressing

Hot cream of merume

Cream of corn, basil and green curry

Samosa tandoori rolls

Stuffed vegetables curry and marinated tofu

25 veggie wok

Seasonal veggies sautéed in the wok

Vegetable chaufa with Chilean pebre

Three types of rice sautéed in a wok with chlorophyll sauce

Sautéed quinoa with mushrooms

Three types of sautéed quinoa with celery and garlic


Coconut cream and rum nantais with mango sorbet

Grilled pineapple with quimbolitos lojanos and coconut ice cream

Grilled pineapple (6 people)

Lime-lemon with lotus crumble

Passion fruit and yoghurt passionate soup

Banana and vanilla thin cake

Moctezuma chocolate

Aloe vera and chia

Homemade ice creams

*all our ice creams are made during the day by our master ice cream maker with fresh fruits and ingredients

Xilitla guava

Pará açai


Passion fruit


Patantla vanilla

Green coconut

Greek yoghurt

Lime and ginger

Amazonico ice cream sampling

Classic cocktails

Old Fashioned

Macallan Amber whisky, Angostura bitter, sugar cane and orange scent.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label reserve whisky, orange juice, cherry liqueur and Antica Formula.

Whisky Sour

Chivas Whisky, lemon juice and sugar.


Bulleit whisky, Martini Rubino, and Angostura bitter.

Mint Julep

Four Roses whisky, Angostura Bitter, mint and soda.

Moscow Mule

Belvedere vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.

Pornstar Martini

Belvedere vodka, blueberry juice and ginger beer.


Grey Goose Vodka, blueberry juice, Cointreau and lime.


Bacardi, lime and sugar.

Dry Martini

Plymouth gin and Noilly Prat Dry.

Corpser Reviver #2

Beffeater 24 gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, Absenta and bitter Peychaud.


Sipsmith gin, lime and mulberry.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Demonio de los Andes, lime, Angostura bitter and egg white.


Mumm champagne and peach juice.

Champagne Cocktail

Brandy Torres 15, sugar Lillet Blanc and Angostura Bitter.

Alcohol-free cocktails

Pineapple and passion

Pineapple, lime, vanilla, passion fruit, mint and lemon Schweppes.

Dragon fruit and soursop

Dragon fruit, soursop, lime and vanilla.

Mango and passion

Mango, passion fruit and lime.

Strawberry and papaya

Strawberry, Papaya, lime and honey.

Watermelon and strawberry

Watermelon, strawberry, basil, lemon and honey.

Fresh fruit juices

Mango juice

Lychee juice

Passion fruit juice

Lulo juice

Papaya juice

Amazonico Cocktails


Habana 7, gilled Amazonian pineapple and coconut cream.

Jungle Club

Tanqueray no. Ten, fresh raspberries, lime juice and Sichimi Togarashi.


Bombay Sapphire gin, cardamom, vanilla, lime, pineapple and Campari.

El Baile del Diablo

Pisco Demonio de los Andes Italia, Cachaça Amburana, dragon fruit, soursop, lime, vanilla and Mumm champagne.

El Patrón del Bar

Zacapa 23, grilled Amazonian pineapple, lime, ginger sugar and ginger beer.

El Tambatalla

Absolut Elix, watermelon, strawberry goji, lemon and honey.

Piraña Mule

Belvedere vodka, lime, vanilla, rhubarb, pimento dram and ginger beer.

La Yacumama

Tanqueray nº Ten, strawberry Rives, papaya, strawberry, lime and cinnamon.

Punta de Flecha

Don Julio Blanco tequila, Cointreau, Cordial de Quina, Antica Formula, lime and blueberry.

Bloody Nikey

Ciroc vodka, yellow tomato juice, carrot vinegar and jalapeños.

La Muelona

Pisco Demonio de los Andes Italia, soursop, lychee, sambucus flower, raspberry and pomegranate.


Kraken, Brugal, Cointreau, Disaronno, lime, lychee, soursop, Bitter Island Fruit and caramel

Curry & Caimán

Jack Daniels, grilled Amazonian pineapple, lime, passion fruit, cinnamon and curry


Ketel One, Midori, Lulo purée, lime, shiso sugar and Midori.

Piraña Mule

Belvedere vodka, lime vanilla, rhubarb, pimento dramm and ginger beer

Tribu Perdida

Cachaça Amburana, Sake, Yuzu, Cumquats, shiso sugar and ginger beer.


Pisco Demonio de los Andes Italia, Cachaça Amburana, lime, grapefruit, egg white and Angostura Bitter

Poison Eve

Ysabel Regina, fino sherry cream, white chocolate and lime

Massa’s cold

Oyster with ponzu sauce and passion fruit

Japanese citric sauce with passion fruit

Oyster with kalamansi and tarragon

Philippine greater amberjack sauce infused with tarragon

Oyster with spicy tomato and herbs

Tomato tartare with thai spices

Oyster Moriowase

Selection of oysters with 3 different sauces

Selection of oysters with 3 different sauces

Greater amberjack tiradito with Japanese dressing

Scarlet shrimp yarikahua with purple corn

Raw scarlet shrimp marinated in lime and yuzu with its head grilled

Black grouper aguachile with tom-berry

Raw black grouper

Red tuna poke with cashew nuts and wild rice

Hawaiian-style tartar with sesame, pineapple and toasted cashew nuts

Edo-mae-style tuna sashimi

Tuna belly Japanese fine cut

Amazonian salad

Tomato confit, mango and avocado timbale dressed with Kalamansi sauce

Aimara’s thai salad

Very finely chopped vegetables with rice noodles and sweet and sour dressing

Fresh seaweed cold soup with passion fruit juice and wasabi

Kohei’s hot

Sea anemone tempura, with passion fruit and wasabi sauce

Frog leg karaage with mango spicy sauce

Scarlet shrimp from Garrucha on a spit with ponzu (unit)

Saikyo-yaki black hake with grilled aubergine

Teppanyaki tuna in marinière demi-glace

Tuna jaw

Massaguiris (2 pieces)

Tuna with karashi

Tuna belly with Japanese mustard

Sea bream with Manaos crisp

Sea bream with crispy scales

Hamachi with orange ponzu jelly

Red tuna tartare in cho pab

Fjord trout with miso banana and spring onion

Similar to Norwegian salmon with fruity cream

Squid with shiso and lulo

Homemade cooked eel(1p)

beef Kobe(1p)

Ikura gunkan with pomegranate

Scallop gunkan and jalapeño

Anglerfish foie-gras gunkan with shichimi

Caviar gunkan and kaffir lime (1 piece)

Masaguiris (2 pieces)

Amazonian ura’maki (8 pieces)

Mango, avocado, coconut aioli and cocoa

Hamachi belly ura’maki, shiso and bergamot

Ura’maki fried with banana (8 pieces)

Prawn ura’maki with miso achiote sauce (8 pieces)

Prawn tempura in Mexican-Japanese sauce

Negi-toro hoso’maki with sour plum (6 pieces)

Tuna belly tartare with Japanese plum sauce

Red porgy and pomegranate hoso’maki (6 pieces)

Fjord trout, ikura, baby cucumber and avocado te’maki

Spicy tuna, coconut, black garlic and pear te’maki

Shinano omakase (sampling menu)

Amazonian omakase

Wagyus de Boruja-san

Beef kobe sirloin steak with condensed soy sauce and kaffir lime

Beef kobe and yuzu burger

Chilean wagyu tenderloin (2 people)

We have our allergens menu available.